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Completed Crafts 2009

Posted on: January 13, 2010

I finished off a few projects towards the end of last year. Here’s a run down.

Tinkerbell completed

This came together really quickly after I started to focus on it. The above picture is of it finished, about to be packed up and shipped to America. I met Alannah’s mother through an Real Life Forums, and I knew that Cheryl is a huge Disney fan. When I asked her if she was interested in it for Alannah (or for herself) she jumped at the chance. Cheryl and Alannah loved it, so job well done. I actually really like how it turned out. I wish I had friends who were having babies, because I so would just spend all my time making cute clothes and cross stitch samplers. Ah well.

Bear for Jodi
Bear for Jodi

When I originally spoke about this piece, I referred to it as the ‘ugly, ugly teddy bear for one of my mum’s friends’ and I must admit that my feelings towards the project have barely changed. I’m still not a huge plan of this project, but at least now its done. Excuse the photo in all of its unironed and badly lit glory, that is how un-enthused I was by it. My mum loved it and I believe its in the process of being framed right now. She’s going to give it to Jodi when she visits mum later this month. I do have fond memories of working on this piece. My boyfriend and I were housesitting for his ex (not as awkward as you may think) and they have the full range of Foxtel. Now I used to have Foxtel as a kid, but well that was awhile ago. There’s a whole bunch of new channels, my favourite being CI which is a true crime channel. The sort of crappy programming that I just eat up. So I stayed up for hours at a time working on the bear while David and his friend played video games in another room. Was a very good weekend.

The Happiest Little Cthulhu
Cthulhu Front
Cthulhu Back

Little Cthulhu Pattern ❤

I had to learn how to crochet for a different project (which is so enormous, its going to get its own post when its done). I did rows of the regular stitches, then I got bored. I had seen the Cthulhu pattern ages ago, and decided that I would make it one day when I could. So I figured I’d use it as practice once I figured out the basics. He’s by no means perfect (I apparently forgot how to count at some point while I was doing the rounds), however I love him. He now sits in front of our TV in the lounge room. I can’t wait to make more friends to go with him. I have a huge list amigurumis that I want to make once I finish my big project.

Not a bad batch for the last few months of the year. Once I finished the bear cross stitch (I have no idea what its actually called) I actually had no cross stitch WiPs for the first time in about 5 years. An odd feeling really. I’ve started a little beagle cross stitch for my mum that she asked me to do, but its still feels really weird not having a big project hanging in the background that I feel like I need to work on. But that will be in a different post. 🙂

This year I hope to finish/work on more projects. I took this big break last year and I don’t know, I guess my heart just wasn’t in it for a bit. I think I’ll get more done this year.


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